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Choose from our Fast-n-Furious or Premiere Temporary Tattoos

TATs [tat] noun : Temporary Airbrush Tattoos; the act of blowing makeup with air to make a temporary ROCKIN' tattoo design!! Super fun for kids from 1-99 years.

Our hybrid tattoo makeup used is FDA compliant and waterproof. We offer many vibrant colors including "glow-in-the-dark" options.

The beauty of offering tattoos at your next event is the speed with which they can be applied. Mere seconds is all it takes to spray elaborate, multi-color designs. Of course, application time will vary depending upon the level of detail and the skill/speed of the artist. With large crowds where speed is of the essence, there's no better choice for entertainment than temporary airbrush tattoos by GAWI.

Our Premier temporary tattoos look quite authentic. They sometimes require a 2nd look to figure out if they’re real or not! Although these Premier tats may take a few more minutes to achieve one of their awesome designs, they're well worth it! These are so awesome and really quite the perfect option for Adults & tattoo wanna-bees!!!

Although our inventory is much more extensive, we typically carry 70-100 designs to most events. We find that offering children too many choices tends to slow the selection process and thus production. We're also capable of creating custom designs to match company logos and the like.